From your vision or ours, GIANTSCAPE will design, create, and install remarkably real life size, any size, even giant-size structures with amazing detail that result in extraordinary points of interest to people of all ages and cultures.

Our sculptures are precision-carved from expanded polystyrene, and if large enough - fitted with internal steel armatures for added strength and mounting capabilities. Industrial grade armoured coatings are applied for reliable endurance, protection and quality over time in any outdoor temperature or environment.

We can apply an infinite range of finishes to create the effect you desire: from realistic mineral, plant and animal textures, to smooth wood grains or marbles, rough water waves or stones, famous or fictional characters and forms, gigantic tempting food creations, authentic and detailed film sets, startling museum pieces, and much more... absolutely EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Our sculptures lend to any space an automatic power of attraction, stimulating curiosity, wonder and attention. Want to create a public focus?? Inspire a wave of entrepreneurial excitement, or highlight a cause with unique artistic vision?? GIANTSCAPE creations will provide long-range, cost effective solutions with extraordinary, priceless appeal with a broad universal or specific cultural focus. Whether your dream is for a purpose or project, people or publicity, ...we will bring your imagination to GIANTSCAPE life!

Our Principles:

Our goal is to help our customers achieve their objectives through the unique, powerful visual creations that are possible using our innovative process and talented craftsmen.

Our Values:

Honesty, integrity, and commitment -working together with one focus, encouraging openness, respect and trust, appreciating and empowering everyone involved in the creative process and production.

Mission Statement:

To dream, imagine and create in the Spirit of harmony, enjoying the unlimited potential expression of Life itself and every person's expression and conception of it. To build an excellent company that attracts, excites, and encourages a committed team of people with exceptional skills including listening and learning.